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Where Girls Unite

Sisterhood starts with GirlCode and ends with a strong community of girls who are confident, inspired, empowered and reaching their fullest potential because of community.

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To equip young girls with the necessary tools to oppose negative situations with constructive resolve. GirlCode Ambassadors walk away revitalized in the areas of relationships, effective communication, boundary setting, inner healing, and compassion and understanding towards oneself and others.

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Our program works to revitalize and beautify sisterhood by establishing GirlCode Ambassadors that will adhere and enforce the GirlCode codes of conduct. Ambassadors work responsibly and honorably to create and maintain order as well as unity within the sisterhood community.

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Establish girl codes based off of each girls' personal negative experiences. These codes will establish "laws" put in place to protect each girl. We use this session to promote healing, mend relationships, encourage healthy communication, and set proper boundaries.



Girl Code Ambassadors take the oath of honor to uphold the GirlCode codes of conduct. They are equipped on properly diffusing situations, maintaining a community of support, and ensuring order within the sisterhood.

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Monthly meetings that boost camaraderie, promote unity, self love, self awareness, self worth, healthy relationships, build character, build community and serve the community.

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